So You Think You Know: Daylight Saving Time Edition

Most of the nation turned the clocks back over the weekend thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time. Here is everything you might not know about this strange time-changing custom. Ben Franklin didn’t invent Daylight Saving Time. Ben Franklin is commonly thought to have first come up with the idea of Daylight Saving Time, a myth perpetuated by the movie Nationa…

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Posted November 4th, 2013

What to Do With Your Leftover Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween is now behind us, and the country is littered with soon-to-be-rotting pumpkins. Before you toss your soggy jack-o-lantern in the trash, check out these alternatives: If your pumpkin has been carved and sat out for more than 24 hours, don’t eat it. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Compost it: If you compost, toss it in your compo…

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Posted November 1st, 2013

Last Minute Tips for Writing a Better College Application Essay

With just a few weeks to go before early action deadlines hit, we’ve been reviewing A LOT of college application essays. Some are great, some merely good, and some…well, some need quite a bit of work. To help you get your college admission essay ready for submission, we’ve compiled some of the most common advice that we’ve been giving to our students this ye…

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Posted October 19th, 2013

College Board: More Than Half of SAT Test Takers Are Not Ready for College

The College Board released its annual SAT Report on College and Career Readiness today, announcing that just 43% of the roughly 1.6 million 2013 high school graduates who took the SAT met college readiness benchmarks. In the wake of the announcement, education news outlets across the country bemoaned the stagnant SAT scores, citing the figure as further proof of t…

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Posted September 26th, 2013

Common App V.4 Glitches and How to Avoid Them

The much heralded Common App V.4 (CA4) went into effect early last month. In the months leading up to the release of the new application, we wrote about some of the changes and offered a webinar to go over the new format (the webinar is available On Demand in our Webinar Catalog). Now, several weeks into the new application, it’s apparent that the new Common App has a…

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Posted September 19th, 2013

10 Grammar Mistakes That Hurt College Apps (and all other writing…)

Between SAT practice essays, ACT practice essays, and college admission essays, C2 Education’s staff see a lot of student writing samples — and a lot of grammar mistakes! Sometimes the mistakes are forgivable — “accomodate” instead of “accommodate” (a mistake even some hotels make on their websites) — but others are much worse grammar offenses that make me …

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Posted September 17th, 2013

Top 5 College Application Essay Clichés

A survey of our students has revealed that one of the most feared and most difficult parts of the college application process is the college admission essay. This is hardly surprising – after all, the college essay is unlike any other writing assignment that most students have come across. English courses tend to overlook narrative writing, leaving many students confused…

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Posted July 24th, 2013

How NOT to End Up Like Suzy Lee Weiss

Last month, hundreds of thousands of high school seniors received their responses from many of the colleges they applied to. In an era of intense competition at the nation’s best schools, it’s safe to assume that many of those students were sorely disappointed. But most of them did not express their disappointment in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, and most of the…

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Posted April 23rd, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in a Summer Program

C2 Education offers summer program options for students in grade 4 and up! They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This March certainly seems like it will be particularly lion-like – between the South’s cold rain and the Midwest’s impending snowstorm, it seems difficult to believe that spring is just weeks away. Still more unbelievab…

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Posted February 25th, 2013

The Year of the MOOC: How One Weird Acronym Can Help You Get Into Your Dream College

MOOC may read like something a drunken cow would utter, but these Massive Open Online Courses might be just the ticket to help you get into your dream college. MOOCs are massive, online college courses that are usually offered free of charge. Although they don’t typically provide college credit, knowledge-seekers around the world are taking advantage of these free cou…

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Posted January 31st, 2013