College Admissions By the Numbers

  • For the 2013 admission season, Harvard University posted a record low 5.79% admission rate, sending rejection letters to nearly 33,000 students
  • Non-Ivy private schools are also competitive. For example, Duke University admitted just 11.5% of applicants in 2013; the University of Chicago admitted just 8.8%, down from 13.23% in 2012.
  • Many public schools are very selective: Only 1 in 5 students earn admission at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Los Angeles

Competition for admission to top 50 colleges and universities is tougher than ever before, which is why students hoping to earn admission to such schools need every advantage they can get.

Why C2 for College Admissions Help?

C2 Education helps students get into their dream schools by:

  • Ensuring that students master the fundamental skills needed to succeed in advanced classes
  • Helping students choose the high school classes that will be most helpful on a college application
  • Providing guidance regarding extracurricular activities, internships, community service opportunities, and other resume-building activities
  • Preparing students for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams
  • Guiding students through the entire college admissions process, from choosing where to apply to crafting the perfect admissions essay

Supercharge Your College Essays: C2 Students Get Free College Essay Help*

A recent student survey revealed that students found the essay to be the most challenging part of the college application process.

C2 Education students get free essay help on their college application essays. Our expert tutors, many of whom have extensive writing backgrounds, will help C2 students evaluate and revise their essays to ensure that each essay is perfected before being submitted to colleges.

“The hardest part of the college admission process was the essay. Everyone at C2 gave me wonderful feedback stemming from their knowledge of the college admissions process and the art and science of essay writing.”

~J. Jang, Stanford University Class of 2017

*Participating centers only

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