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College Admissions Counseling with C2 Education

Expert college admissions advising can be the difference between getting into a good college and a great one. While good grades and test scores are necessary to get into any top college, there are many other components that make up a great college application. C2’s certified counselors work in person with students to create a college application that stands above the rest. Some areas of interest that we cover include:

  • Selecting courses that reflect an intellectual challenge
  • Identifying the right extracurricular activities to showcase passions and talent
  • Volunteer opportunities to demonstrate civic engagement
  • Taking part in summer programs for intellectual and personal growth
  • Writing the perfect college application essay
  • Developing interview skills that really shine

C2’s Approach to College Admissions

As with everything C2 does, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. A personalized high school plan is just the beginning – C2 provides students with the test prep and tutoring support needed until they click “Submit” on their college applications to help ensure they stay on track to earn admission to their dream college.

Do I Need College Admissions Advising?

The truth is that most high schools simply are not equipped to provide the detailed guidance needed to maximize a student’s chances for admission at top colleges and universities. On average, each public school counselor is responsible for almost 500 students, so many families believe the limited college counseling they receive is acceptable. Contact us and learn how C2 can do so much more to help your child on the path to their dream college.

Start College Prep Now!

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