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When I started my college application journey, I was overwhelmed and anxious about the tests I was going to take, the essays I needed to write, and just about everything in between. But C2 stood by me through every step, from drafting my initial personal statement to getting my perfect math SAT score, guiding me through the rough patches and always serving as a pillar of support.

C2’s educational system provides something far more rewarding than the instructional part itself – interacting with C2 tutors has transformed me into a more responsible and ethically dedicated person, which I know will carry me far beyond my years in school. C2 provides a model for success for students not only in school but in their futures as well.

I found my teachers at C2 to be helpful and friendly. They were very encouraging and supportive in my quest to scores as best as I could on the SATs. They showed a genuine interest in helping me improve my score and achieve my academic goals. They also took the time to advise me on my outside projects.

I came to C2 lacking confidence with my test-taking skills.  But with personalized instruction and motivation, my C2 teachers pushed me to work harder to reach my goal for the SAT – an 800 in math – which I did! I am now more confident in my abilities to take tests, and I am more prepared for college.

C2 allowed me to establish my strengths and improve my weaknesses for the ACT. By seeking help from their well-qualified tutors, I was able to raise my score from 29 to 34. On top of teaching me test-taking strategies, the tutors helped me break down enigmatic concepts and understand complex ideas. I never left a session without learning something new.

C2 has really changed the way I learn. Before C2 I usually just memorized math equations, but the teachers at C2 showed me how to think through a problem and really understand the questions instead of just memorizing. This has helped me so much in school, on the SATs, and in preparing to attend Columbia University.

My favorite thing about C2 is the jar of Jolly Ranchers that sits in front of the office. In many ways, it symbolizes the struggles that I went through before coming to C2. Every time I look for my beloved blue raspberry Jolly Rancher, I find that it’s always at the bottom, and I have to dig deep to get it. This is like my brain before coming to C2. All of the useful information was always deep insider where I had to struggle to grasp it. The C2 teachers helped me clear up my murky brain, and now my path to success is visible.

C2 has helped me tremendously in my preparation for college. The teachers are extremely understanding and able to answer every question I have. Each answer is given with such care and attention to detail. The teachers are knowledgeable about every subject and teach with passion and enthusiasm. C2 has not only been a place where I can learn how to tackle exams but also where I can learn to flourish academically. My scores would not be nearly as exceptional without C2’s help.

C2 Education has had such a positive impact on my education. When I joined C2 in my junior year of high school, I wasn’t very confident in my test taking abilities. However, after only working for two months with the teachers at my C2 location, I felt so much more comfortable and prepared. Because of C2, I achieved the distinction of a National Merit Scholar and will be joining Emory University in the fall on a Pre-Med path.

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Spending time studying with the C2 tutors has helped me tremendously. My problem-solving abilities and methods towards approaching tests have improved immensely since I started coming to C2. The tutors have helped me utilize all the tools available to me so that I could ace these standardized tests and even just normal school work.

My passion and chosen career is in professional acting – juggling auditions and school was difficult. C2 helped me tremendously by not only giving me a structured program but also by making it flexible. Thanks to the staff at C2, I was able to improve my GPA and will continue with the program.

C2 teachers are the best. I appreciate the level of knowledge that they brought to the table. They could answer my difficult questions and gave consideration to my own thoughts. I always go to C2 to study for my tests because I know that C2 teachers will properly prepare me.

Being at C2 has been such a wonderful experience! The teachers are all so attentive and always help me in every way possible. For any question that I may have, they always provide me with answers that I understand. They work to ensure that I fully understand the fundamentals of any new topic before progressing to teach me more. I am very appreciative of all that C2 offers me for my academic goals!

C2 was an incredible resource for me to access. From questions about classes in school to standardized testing to the college application process, I always felt like I was supported and being given up-to-date, personalized answers. The teachers were not only knowledgeable in their subject areas but also passionate about helping me excel. C2 pushed me to work harder and approach problems in different ways, and because of that, I’ve grown tremendously.

My incredible teachers at C2 reinforced my drive to learn when learning was hard. They were always knowledgeable and gave me the personal attention I needed to better understand English, chemistry, physics, and my other subjects. From my experiences there, I was able to understand how I learn, which will carry over to college and beyond.

I think there’s a preconception that students who go to tutoring go because they’re doing poorly or don’t have a good foundation. I disagree. Some students who go seek help because they do need that rudimentary foundation, but most are incredible hard working kids who just falter in one area or another and wish to improve, and that’s where C2 kicks in; the way they individualize their help is impressive, but even better than that, it’s consequential.

Tutoring classes make teenagers annoyed and cranky. However, at C2 this is not the case. All my teachers, even the administrators, are my mentors. Their humorous comments make each class that much more enjoyable. In addition, C2 dedicates so many resources to its students: shelves of books and other test prep materials. Basically, anything I need, C2 has. Same thing for teachers: C2 has a teacher for every subject. C2 is the best place!

I started tutoring with another company, but after taking the ACT three times, I was stuck getting the exact same score. Worried this would ruin my chances of getting into a good state university, I switched to C2 Education. In only a few months, I raised my ACT score by 6 points! I couldn’t have done that without the smart, patient, knowledgeable, kind (and fun!) tutors at C2. They encouraged me to practice and taught me test strategies. I am proud to be attending the Texas A&M University Liberal Arts Honors Program. Thanks, C2 Tutors!

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