At C2, Test Prep Is Different

Most standardized test prep programs are one-size-fits-all. Their classes are large and often scheduled too close to SAT, ACT or AP test dates for students to prepare well. But C2 Education conducts 3:1 tutoring. Only three students work with any tutor at once, and classes run long enough to truly prepare students for each test.

C2 test preparation:

  • Teaches skills needed to master individual tests
  • Strengthens core reading, writing and math skills
  • Offers foundational, lifelong learning strategies
  • Helps students balance test prep and school work

C2 students are regularly accepted to top-50 colleges.

The C2 Education method is simple:

  • Give a diagnostic test to determine a student’s strengths and opportunities

  • Craft an individualized study plan to fit the student’s needs

  • Assign a mentor who will tutor and support the student