ACT Prep

The ACT is an important factor when schools across the country are considering which students to admit. To be competitive in the college admissions race, ACT prep may be an invaluable resource to help get you a score that will make you stand out. C2 Education will develop a comprehensive ACT tutoring program with that goal in mind.

ACT programs at C2

The first thing we do is give our students a diagnostic test. Every student is unique, and in order to create the appropriate tutoring program, we need to identify your weakest and strongest areas. From those results, we take our own custom curriculum to create a program that will focus on your individual needs. Your ACT prep is uniquely designed.

ACT tutoring that works

The ACT tutoring program at C2 has been recognized as the best for a number of reasons:

Our tutors

We find the best mentors and teachers to ensure your success. These experts have scored big on the ACT and have gone to the schools you want to go to.

C2’s class structure

We know you have other activities too. We have the flexibility to schedule your tutoring sessions when it’s most convenient and productive for you.

A personalized ACT program

Every aspect of your plan is designed specifically for your needs, from the drills we go through during your sessions to how we review the answers to the environment we tutor in.

Excellent ACT results

Your reason for joining C2 was to get a better ACT score which all of our students get to enjoy.  But there are other benefits that you’ll recognize. Through your ACT prep program, you will recognize a newfound confidence whether it’s in a new academic or career environment.