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to our 100+ C2


Princeton, Harvard, UChicago, Yale,

Columbia, MIT, Stanford... and many more!

C2 Students have early acceptances to


SAT, ACT, & Book Boot Camps

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C2 Education: Test Prep, Tutoring, and College Admissions Consulting

You want to earn admission to your dream college and C2 Education is here to make it happen. C2’s experts know what is needed to have the strongest college application – better grades, higher test scores, an action plan that provides a clear path to college. Let us create a personalized college prep program for you. We’re here to support you in person every step of the way.

Our Services

Students are more than just grades and test scores, and C2 Education is more than just another test prep and tutoring company. Our local academic teams combine customized tutoring, test prep, and college admissions counseling services into a comprehensive program that positively impacts a student’s journey to college acceptance. Learn more about what we do below.

The SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Exams – all of these tests play an important role in college admissions. That’s why thousands of students choose test prep with C2 experts to maximize their scores. Admission to top colleges is harder than it’s ever been, so students need test prep that brings results. Learn how C2 Education can raise your test scores.

Whether you need to build foundational skills or get ahead in a tough class, C2 Education offers the guidance and support you need. Good grades in challenging classes impact how your college application looks. Learn how a personalized C2 tutoring program can improve your high school resume.

C2 helps students figure out where and how to apply to college to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our expert Center Directors are specially trained and certified to provide thorough college admissions guidance to maximize your chances of earning admission at your dream college. Learn what our college admissions coaching can do for you.

Here’s What Our Students Say

C2 helped me learn the importance of time management and instilled in me a greater work ethic that made it possible to do my best in high school. The teachers took the time to break down concepts that I didn’t understand and made sure I understood the mistakes I made before moving on to the next unit. Paying attention to this level of detail in my academic performance made me more confident and ready to conquer standardized testing.

Charitra P.National Merit Scholarship Finalist; Emory University

C2 really knows how to tailor their teaching to suit each individual student’s needs and interests. Every time I went to someone at C2 for help, they did their absolute best to give me additional study materials and guidance. It was because of C2 that I was able to score an 800 on both the writing and critical reading sections on the SAT.

Sophia C.Princeton University

C2 really has improved my study habits dramatically, giving me that extra edge to get to a 34 on the ACT and also obtain a 4.4 cumulative GPA. I feel like this academic help ensured that I would have a good chance at getting into colleges.  I got into my family’s dream school of the University of California, Berkeley, while becoming a Regents’ and Chancellor’s scholar (top 2 % of incoming class). C2 has taught me in a multitude of ways, and my success is directly tied to them.

Benjamin D.ACT: 34; University of California, Berkeley

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At C2, Our Focus Is On You

Each comprehensive program is designed to best support each individual student’s journey to college. From an initial diagnostic test, we gain a baseline assessment of strengths and weaknesses used to personalize our approach to the test prep and tutoring efforts that will go on throughout the school year. Our expert academic team is here to not only support you academically but also serve as mentors to guide and motivate you to make sure you keep your eye on the prize… admission to your dream college!

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