Tutoring Services at C2

The truth is that bad grades are only a symptom of a larger problem, a missing foundation of knowledge and skills. At C2 Education, we’re more than just tutors. We’re mentors. Our tutoring programs provide individualized support to help students address their specific weaknesses while building on their strengths. No two students are the same, so no two programs are ever the same at C2.

Our tutors build fundamental skills in a variety of areas in order to support you at each point on the road to your goal, getting into the best college for you. C2 students have seen drastic improvements in academic performance, making a positive impact and opening more college options for them.

"My favorite thing about C2 is the approachability of the teachers.
Because of them, I've been able to raise my grades 1 or 2 letter grades
higher. Overall, C2 was way more than I imagined. I came out of C2
with better grades, better self-esteem, and possibly lifelong friends.”

Ernest M.

Tutoring in Any Subject

No matter what subject a student is struggling with, C2 is here to pave the way to success. We also recommend foundational work in three core areas that can help students excel in multiple subjects: math, reading and writing.


Math builds on itself year after year, so a student who begins struggling with math now will fall even further behind in years to come. That’s why C2’s tutors provide students with the conceptual framework necessary for future math courses.

  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB and BC
  • AP Statistics

C2’s personal coaching in reading comprehension and reasoning skills helps students read actively and attentively. Our tutoring expands critical thinking and analytical abilities, helping students understand:

  • Using Context
  • Main Ideas
  • Inference
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Literary Analysis
  • Character Analysis

Writing skills are some of the most important skills in life. They allow people to effectively influence the world around them. C2 Education’s writing classes help students plan, structure and evaluate various types of writing, revise effectively, and hone critical thinking skills so that they can become effective communicators in the world.

C2 writing classes include:

  • Creative, descriptive, technical, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing
  • Literary analysis and book reports
  • Research papers
  • Journal writing
  • College admissions essays

C2 Education is the 2016 National Tutoring Association Program of the Year!

Tutor Spotlight

Take a look at the kind of talented tutors we hire! Meet Nicholas Dawes from San Jose, California.


Nicholas Dawes

C2 Tutor

Nicholas Dawes shares what he loves about tutoring students at our Almaden Center - “As much as I teach my students about writing, grammar, and history, they often challenge me to keep thinking and learning. Their youthful energy also keeps me looking at the lighter side of life: they remind me to keep laughing and to be less serious.”