SAT Prep

Competition to get into the best college and universities is fierce, and the SAT is one of the most important factors for schools in deciding which students to admit. The fact is you need a high score to be considered to the college of your choice, and SAT prep can make that happen. A comprehensive SAT tutoring program with C2 Education brings higher scores.

SAT programs at C2

To make the right tutoring program for you, we always start with a diagnostic test to identify your strongest and weakest areas. Your results will help us leverage our custom SAT course materials to create a program designed for your individual needs. Each student is unique – why shouldn’t their SAT prep be unique too?

Why our SAT tutoring works

C2 Education has been recognized as the best SAT tutoring program for a few of reasons:

Our tutors

To help students succeed, we partner with the best. Our experts have both attended the top schools you are trying to get into, and they earned top scores on their SATs too!

Our class flexibility

We know you have a busy schedule. We can fit your program in when it will be the most productive for you.

Your SAT program is custom

From the studying tips we give to improve certain skills to the environment we tutor you in, they are all planned specifically for you.

SAT results to be excited about

C2 students have always enjoyed seeing a great increase in their SAT score.  But that isn’t all that you will see. Through our SAT prep program, not only will you recognize a newfound confidence in school, but the foundation of learning and studying skills we taught will benefit you for life.