AP Test Prep

Advanced Placement courses are among the most challenging courses offered at the high school level, and good scores on the final AP Exams can earn students college credit. Unlike other college admissions tests like the SAT or ACT, AP Exams are only offered once a year, making them the ultimate in high-stakes testing.

What you need to know about the AP Exams:

  • AP Exams are only offered once, in May
  • Many colleges and universities offer college credit for AP Exam success
  • AP Exams are offered in many subject areas, and C2 can help you prepare for all of them

We recommend 8-12 weeks of review and preparation for most AP exams. Our experienced tutors will help students master the concepts and strategies necessary for success, maximizing test scores, reducing students’ anxiety and setting them up to succeed in college — before they ever get there!

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