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AP Exam Updates: COVID-19

News on the AP Exams Last updated April 6 In response to Covid-19, the College Board has changed both the format and the timing of AP exams. Here are the highlights: Exams will be taken at home. Students can use any device available…
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SAT Updates: COVID-19

June 22 UPDATE College Board is working hard to make additional test seats available for this fall. If you attempt to register and are unable to find a seat, please check other dates. And per College Board, you can also try again later to see…
The AP registration process has been updated in 2019.

New AP Exam Registration Deadline for 2019

Starting in fall of 2019, the College Board implemented a few important changes to the AP exam registration process. In the past, most students waited until spring to register for the May AP exams. Some students liked this flexibility: It…
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The April ACT: Who Should Take It

Should you take the April ACT? Although anyone who hasn’t yet finalized their ACT scores can take the ACT this April, there are a few groups of students who should seriously consider this test date. First Time Test-Takers The April ACT…
There are seven SAT test dates throughout the year. Contact your local C2 Education today to figure out which test date is best for you!

SAT Test Dates and Deadlines

There are seven official SAT test dates during the school year. Below, you'll find charts for the 2018-2019 school year and the projected test dates for the 2019-2020 school year. You can see each SAT test date along with their registration…
The August SAT has lots of benefits other test dates don't. Let C2 help with your SAT prep!

Why You Should Take the August SAT

The August SAT offers a lot of benefits that other test dates don’t. If you’re considering taking the August SAT, be sure to stay mindful of the registration deadline. It can sneak up on you as summer break flies by. Why take advantage…