AP precalculus exam

AP Precalculus Announced for 2023/24 School Year

Introducing AP Precalculus The College Board recently announced the creation of a new AP class: AP Precalculus. As with other AP courses, this will be accompanied by an AP Precalculus exam in May for college credit. This new course will premier…
Thanksgiving mathematics practice problems

Thanksgiving SAT Math Practice Problems

We know you’ve got a lot to be grateful for, but we want to add one more thing: Thanksgiving SAT math practice problems! 1- My grandmother used two coupons when purchasing the Thanksgiving ham. The first took $5 off her purchase. The second…
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10 SAT Math Practice Problems for Halloween

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, “’Tis near Halloween!” Whether you’re just starting your SAT prep or you’re getting ready for the November SAT, a little SAT math practice certainly never…
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5 ACT Math Tips to Achieve High Scores

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping math. Students hoping to use the ACT for admission to a dream college need to build the math chops for top ACT scores. ACT math questions are roughly ordered from easiest to hardest. Understanding this…
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SAT Math Strategies to Reach Your Score Goal

The math section makes up half of your total SAT score, so success is vital for those hoping to get into a top college. Bad news: we can’t wave a magic wand and improve your math score. Good news: we’ve got SAT math strategies tailored to…
AP precalculus exam

Why Am I Bad at Math?

Every once in a while, someone floats a “new” math trick that astounds the Internet with its brilliant simplicity. To those who speak the language of math, these tricks usually aren’t new or brilliant—they’re just math. It’s no…
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The New Viral Math Trick That Isn’t Very New

A useful math trick that could save you tons of time and mental effort has sped across the Internet, leaving half the population wondering why they weren’t taught this in school and the other half of the population wondering why so many people…
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On the Bright Side: My Math Skills Need Help

“I suck at math.” “Math just isn’t my thing.” “I just can’t do math.” So many people seem to think that being good at math is some sort of innate skill – you’ve got it or you don’t. We don’t usually think of…
dog wearing sunglasses lying in red flowers

Valentine’s Day – By the Numbers

It’s that time of year again, love is in the air, romance is blossoming, and wallets are opening everywhere. For better or worse, it wouldn't be Valentine’s Day without billions of dollars being spent on flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears,…