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How to Navigate AP Classes

Performing well in advanced placement (AP) classes can strengthen your college application. Knowing how many classes to take, when to start taking them, and which classes to choose can help you create an academic roadmap for your high school…
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Upcoming AP Exam Dates for 2024

Passing an AP exam is an excellent way for students to showcase their academic accomplishments and ability to handle rigorous coursework. It speaks to a student’s ability to thrive in advanced educational settings and can be another way for…
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Why Standardized Tests are Important Even for Test-Blind Schools

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Even with the extension of test-optional policies, students can benefit from taking standardized tests. Earning high scores on tests such as the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, or ACT® could help students fund their education. This could minimize the…
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Understanding the AP Test Score Grading Scale

With the increasing costs of higher education, Advanced Placement (AP) classes provide an economical alternative to earning college credits. AP classes are free for high school aged students, but there is a small fee to take the corresponding…
The more AP classes you have, the more important it is to start each one the best you can. Contact C2 and get AP help today.

2 Things to Consider Before Taking AP Classes (+4 Benefits)

AP classes offer exciting academic challenges, chances for deep discussion, and college benefits. Deciding whether to enroll in AP classes and how many to take is a big decision for high school students. When deciding, it’s important for students…
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AP Precalculus Announced for 2023/24 School Year

Introducing AP Precalculus The College Board recently announced the creation of a new AP class: AP Precalculus. As with other AP courses, this will be accompanied by an AP Precalculus exam in May for college credit. This new course will premier…
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The AP registration process has been updated in 2019.

New AP Exam Registration Deadline for 2019

Starting in fall of 2019, the College Board implemented a few important changes to the AP exam registration process. In the past, most students waited until spring to register for the May AP exams. Some students liked this flexibility: It…