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What Is a Good SAT Score?

A common question about the SAT is “what is a good SAT score?” In truth, the answer to this question varies depending on individual goals and school admission requirements. With such a vague answer, how can students know which score aligns…
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Understanding Your ACT Score Report

You did all the work of preparing for the ACT, you sat through the 3+ hour long test, and now you’ve got your ACT score report in hand. There are a lot of charts and graphs and numbers. What do they all mean? Let’s go through each…
Frequently asked questions about SAT scores

Understanding SAT Scores: 16 Frequently Asked Questions

Students planning for college often realize that the process is both exciting and stressful. Those who aspire to go to the best universities face an extremely competitive process. Often, the admissions process will involve taking the SAT, a…
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Your SAT and ACT Scores, and College Admissions

Back in October, we talked about the top three factors that college admissions officers look for: your grades, course rigor, and your SAT or ACT scores. We've received a lot of questions about SAT and ACT scores this test season. To help…