When it comes to college admissions testing, it can be hard to figure out which ones you need to take. Let C2 Education help make a plan for you!

College Admissions Testing: Which Tests to Take When

Are you ready for college admissions testing? There are literally dozens of standardized tests available to college-bound students, all of them with confusing-sounding acronyms. It can be pretty tough to figure out which tests you need to take,…
This infographic shows what scores you need to qualify for admissions to the Top 25 colleges. C2 can help with your scores!

Your SAT and ACT Scores, and College Admissions

Back in October, we talked about the top three factors that college admissions officers look for: your grades, course rigor, and your SAT or ACT scores. We've received a lot of questions about SAT and ACT scores this test season. To help…
AP exam prep is a marathon, not a sprint. Let C2 help get you on track for high scores.

AP Exam Prep: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

If you’re taking AP classes, it’s time to start thinking about AP exam prep! But wait, you think. AP exams are still months away! I’ve got plenty of time! It’s true that AP exams are still more than two months away. Just remember…