6 Ways to Boost College Applications Over Summer

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Summer break is just around the corner -- do you have plans yet? Some students look forward to months of fun in the sun, and there's certainly nothing wrong with a little relaxation. But for students who want to improve their chances of getting into a dream college, summer is also a chance to bolster resumes and college applications. Although a lot of selective summer programs require months … [Read more...]



Are you confused about the difference between the old and new SAT? Let our infographic help explain: … [Read more...]

Start the Semester Right


This school year will feature higher standards and tougher challenges for many students. Don't get left behind -- find out how to set yourself up for success. This past week, we hosted a webinar called "Start the Semester Right" (view it on demand here). The webinar focuses on things high school students should do in their first weeks of the new semester in order to set themselves up for … [Read more...]

What SAT/ACT Score Do I Need?


Every month, C2 Education hosts a live webinar where we invite students to ask questions about school, applying to college, and all things academic. (Want to check out some of our past webinars? Click here!) By far the most common question we see: What SAT/ACT score do I need to get into X College? First, a caveat: There is no such thing as a magical test score that will get you accepted at a … [Read more...]

Beat the SAT


The January SAT test date is one of the biggest test dates of the year. From middle school students hoping to compete for admission to gifted summer programs like Duke TIP to high school seniors hoping for a last minute score increase before college application deadlines hit, the range of students who take the January SAT varies widely. One thing they all have in common: A heartfelt desire to … [Read more...]

ACT Goes Digital in 2015

ACT, Inc. announced plans last week to add a digital component to the ACT starting in 2015. As early as spring 2015, the ACT will be available digitally, reflecting the tech-savvy nature of today's students. The traditional pen-and-paper format will still be made available, and the content and scoring of the exam will not change. However, ACT, Inc. has plans to add what they are calling an … [Read more...]

Final Exam Study Tips

Here in Georgia, where C2's corporate headquarters are based, final exams are just two or three weeks away -- our local students are already in a rush to get ready for these end of year exams, which can count for 20% or more of a student's final grade. Students in most of the country still have five or six weeks to go, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepping for these tests already! Take … [Read more...]

Last minute AP Exam Prep

High school students who load up on AP classes enter into a military-like mindset in the weeks leading up to the annual AP exams. Those exams, which take place over the course of two weeks, represent the only chance these students will have to leverage their rigorous coursework for college credit. Students who take multiple AP classes approach these two weeks as if they are heading into battle, … [Read more...]

The Smarter Summer Break

Many of you are enjoying spring break right about now, taking a well-deserved respite from the daily grind. Since spring has just now sprung, it may be surprising to note that summer break is just around the corner -- in fact, in some areas of the country, summer break is just six or seven weeks away. Each year, I write about the challenges of summer break. Full disclosure: I don't like that 10 … [Read more...]

5 Ways Spring Break Can Help You Get Into College

With spring break just around the corner, high school students may be planning trips to the beach or week-long relaxation sessions at home. But for those students hoping to wow college admission officers, spring break should be a time to focus on college. Most students know that admissions officers look at extracurricular activities and summer programs. Admissions officers look at this … [Read more...]

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