ACT updates COVID-19

ACT Updates: COVID-19

JuLY 9 UPDATE ACT has postponed the launch of online testing. ACT remains focused on increasing seat capacity for fall test dates at in-person centers. June 25 UPDATE ACT has added three additional test dates this fall to help meet increased…
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5 ACT Math Tips to Achieve High Scores

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping math. Students hoping to use the ACT for admission to a dream college need to build the math chops for top ACT scores. ACT math questions are roughly ordered from easiest to hardest. Understanding this…
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ACT Time Management: 7 Tips You Should Follow

The ACT is both a marathon AND a sprint – it’s a long test (around 3 hours) that you have to move through very quickly. You have less than one minute per question on the ACT – and as little as 36 seconds per question on the English section…