top summer programs

15 Top Summer Programs Still Accepting Applications in 2024

Although summer break seems pretty far off, students who plan to use their summers wisely need to start planning for the best summer programs for high school students now. Moreover, summer offers a lot of unique opportunities for college-bound…
ivy league schools

How Hard is it to Get into an Ivy League School?

At C2, we’re often asked how hard it is to get into an Ivy League school. To provide an accurate answer, we’ll need to explore: Acceptance rates as well as how and when they’re released Seats available in Ivy League schools How…
Brainstorming college essay ideas can be challenging. Let C2 help you dig for your college essay gold today!

Tips for Writing a Strong College Essay

College essays allow applicants to add a personal touch to their application. It's a chance to share personal experiences that have molded them into the person they are today. These essays offer the admissions team a chance to hear directly…
Admissions Counselor

How College Admissions Counseling Can Help Your Child

Navigating the college admissions process can feel confusing, overwhelming, and almost impossible. College admissions counselors can serve as the compass that guides your child during this challenging stage in their high school career. Unlike…
how to write an essay

What Makes a College Essay Stand Out?

College application essays, or personal statements, are the only way for college admissions teams to learn more about the person behind the application. It allows admissions teams to hear from the applicant and gain additional insight into an…
sophomore slump

How To Battle The High School Sophomore Slump

Freshman year of high school is a time of discovery. Students can explore a new campus, meet new teachers, and make new friends. However, by the time sophomore year rolls around, the excitement fades. This is the sophomore slump. Students…
junior applying to college

Should I Apply to College as a Junior in High School?

At first glance, applying to college during junior year of high school seems exciting. It holds the potential of gaining an edge over peers and completing high school sooner. In truth, it comes with a rigorous course load, tight timeframe, and…
early decision and early action

2 Types of Early Admission: Early Decision & Early Action

Early admission allows high school seniors to apply to colleges prior to the regular admissions cycle. Early admissions can be conducted as early decision or early action. While not offered at every college, these options can be beneficial for…
college application essays

What You Should Know About College Application Essays

Strong college applications are made of more than high grades and impressive extracurricular activities. They use well-crafted essays to leave lasting impressions on the admissions team. College application essays allow applicants to stand out…