Take the Fear Out of Testing

Surprisingly, only about 15% of Americans fear clowns, which doesn’t exactly explain the popularity of Stephen King’s It. Far more common fears include public speaking, heights, and bugs. But I bet that if we surveyed only American teens, we would see a different set of fears, and testing would come out on top. According to a 2010 study, test anxiety affects betwee…

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Posted September 28th, 2017

The Best Way to Study

Every student wants to know the secret to acing the big test, whether that test is next week’s history quiz or the SAT. Let’s start with some bad news: There is no fast, simple, effort-free way to learn. Now for some good news: There are proven ways to make studying more efficient and effective. First things first – just for the sake of argument, let’s all agr…

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Posted January 23rd, 2015