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AP Webinar Series in April - AP Test Prep and Strategies

With just about a month left before AP exams, how are you feeling about them? Hopefully, you're ready and confident to score all 5's. If you haven't already, check out our 5 Tips for a % on Your AP Exams. Get some first-hand AP prep before…
There are ways to ensure your AP exam prep is done right. C2 has AP exam tips to help get that 5!

5 AP Exam Tips for a 5: AP Exam Prep Done Right

If you’re in an AP class, you’re probably well aware that AP exams are just a month away. You probably fall into one of two camps: A whole month? I’ve got plenty of time to study! I’ll start next week. OR Only a month?!? I’ve…
There are pro and cons to consider when signing up for AP classes. C2 can help!

AP Courses: The Pros and Cons

As you get ready to register for your fall classes, you’re probably wondering about AP classes. “Should I take AP classes?” “How many should you take?” Before you enroll in a full load of AP classes, take some time to carefully…