The more AP classes you have, the more important it is to start each one the best you can. Contact C2 and get AP help today.

AP classes are no walk in the park, so it’s important to take steps early in the semester to make these tough courses just a little easier. The more AP classes you’re taking, the more important it is to start the semester off on the right foot – if you fall behind in an AP class, it can quickly become next to impossible to catch up. Here are some of our best tips for starting AP classes off right.

Get a good test prep book.

AP exams are still months away, but a good test prep book gives you a lot more than some practice AP exam questions – the best prep books summarize key information in an easily digestible format. With the help of exam prep books, you can stay a step ahead of your class, and if you already have a basic understanding of the biggest ideas, you can pay more attention to the details.

Study thoroughly for every test and quiz.

It’s tempting to cram the night before a test or quiz to memorize just enough information to get the grade, but when you study this way, you’re not really learning everything you should be. Too often, you’ll end up forgetting everything you studied immediately after you finish taking the test, only to have to relearn all of that information again when you start AP exam prep. Save yourself the trouble by learning the material right the first time. Check out this past post for some science-backed study tips to help you make the most of your study sessions.

Don’t wait to ask for help.

If you start to fall a bit behind in an AP class, don’t wait to ask for help from your teacher, classmates, or a tutor. It’s tough to catch up in AP classes because they move at such a fast pace; the longer you wait to ask for help, the further behind you’ll fall and the harder it will be to get back to where you need to be.

Make sure you can balance your commitments.

It can be tough to balance the demands of AP classes with other classwork, extracurricular activities, and family obligations. Overextending yourself is a recipe for failure. When you register for your classes, carefully consider just how many AP classes you can reasonably handle.