when does my student need tutoring

How Do You Know If Your Child Needs a Tutor

Academic struggles can manifest differently in every child. In some cases, it could be your child losing interest in their schoolwork. In others, it could appear as behavioral issues. This can make it difficult to accurately identify when your…

Understanding the SSAT

Private schools can offer your student smaller classes, individualized support, and access to a wide range of courses. To ensure your student is placed appropriately, they may need to take an entrance exam as part of the admissions process.…
raise gpa

How To Raise Your High School GPA

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College recruiters and admissions boards frequently use a student’s GPA to guide their decision. While it’s not a perfect indicator of future success, it does provide insight into a student’s current engagement with school. Not every…
digital studying

Second Semester Reset: You Ask, We Answer

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In our most recent webinar, we discussed what you can do now for a second semester reset and what habits will help you finish the school year even stronger. We received many questions from parents and students during the live event and we wanted…
Studying for the ACT can be challenging without a plan. Contact your local C2 and get a free ACT prep consultation!

Study Skills: You Ask, We Answer

In our most recent webinar, we shared the best study tips and strategies for a great school year. We received many questions from parents and students during the live webinar about study skills, organization, and time management. We wanted to…
summer reading outside

Summer Checklist for High School Students

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Summer break is the time to rest and recharge between school years. It’s important to enjoy summer activities, sun, friends, and family, but it’s also a great opportunity to prepare for the school year ahead. We’ve created a summer checklist…
studying at home in the current COVID-19 environment

Creating the Right Study Environment

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Your surroundings have a big impact on how well you learn. Your study environment — whether you’re in a small or large room, a loud or a quiet one, even a blue or a red one — can change your emotions, thoughts, and focus. That means that…
pencil on test form

8 Test Day Tips for Success

If you’re like most students, tests are a pretty big part of your academic life. From AP exams to SATs to end of year finals, you’re going to face quite a few “test days” during the school year. Here’s a list of some of our best test…