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In our most recent webinar, we discussed what you can do now for a second semester reset and what habits will help you finish the school year even stronger. We received many questions from parents and students during the live event and we wanted to share the answers to a few of our favorites. Take a look!

Is an A in a regular class better than a B in an AP® class?

While this may not be the answer you were looking for, an A in an AP® class is the right answer! It’s important to understand your limitations with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. When creating your class schedule, be realistic about what you can handle. Since a strong GPA is imperative to admission to top colleges, it’s better to ace a few AP® classes than to struggle through many.

When should I start preparing for AP® exams?

Many students wait to start preparing for AP® exams until April, but don’t let that be you! Students getting 4s and 5s on their exams put in the work all year long and really start prepping for the exams in February or March. It’s especially important to start exam prep early if there is a specific class you’re struggling in. When it comes to test prep, the earlier the better!

What are ways that students can cope with too much homework from school?

This is a great question. While it’s not possible to reduce the amount of schoolwork, the best option is to implement study strategies that increase efficiency. C2 can help by working with students to create a personalized study plan based on the student’s needs and academic timeline.


Want to learn more? We hope these tips will help you with a strong second semester reset.  Watch the full webinar here.