when does my student need tutoring

How Do You Know If Your Child Needs a Tutor

Academic struggles can manifest differently in every child. In some cases, it could be your child losing interest in their schoolwork. In others, it could appear as behavioral issues. This can make it difficult to accurately identify when your…
raise gpa

How To Raise Your High School GPA

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College recruiters and admissions boards frequently use a student’s GPA to guide their decision. While it’s not a perfect indicator of future success, it does provide insight into a student’s current engagement with school. Not every…
how to prepare for the isee

How Can My Child Prepare for the ISEE?

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The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is a tool many private schools use to assess potential students. This exam measures a student’s current knowledge, how quickly they can adapt to unfamiliar material, and their problem-solving…
C2 instructor with student

Do You Need SAT Tutoring?

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With the SAT’s new digital format comes an extra step in the SAT prep process. In addition to becoming familiar with the content, students will also need to adjust to the Bluebook application. While this app allows students to take full-length…
The benefits of reading tutoring extend far beyond the classroom. Contact C2 today for a free consultation.

The Benefits of Reading Tutoring

Reading tutoring isn’t just for those who need help building basic reading skills. A good reading tutor will help your student to master new sight words, decipher new vocabulary using context, and establish strategies to improve reading comprehension…
Creating a good study environment can make the difference between studying that sticks... or doesn't.

Creating the Perfect Study Environment

Study environments can have a profound affect on students. Your surroundings — whether you’re in a small or large room, a loud or a quiet one, even a blue or a red one — can change your emotions, thoughts and focus. That means that surrounding…
Learning a mental math hack can save you time and stress during a test. Strengthen your math skills with C2 tutoring today!

The New Viral Math Trick That Isn’t Very New

A useful math trick that could save you tons of time and mental effort has sped across the Internet, leaving half the population wondering why they weren’t taught this in school and the other half of the population wondering why so many people…
student unhappy with her gpa

On the Bright Side: My GPA Stinks Right Now

In our three-part series about what college admissions officers looked at, we explored the importance of grades in admissions decisions. College admissions officers consistently rank grades as the most important factor in admissions decisions,…
study skills for parents infographic

Study Skills for Parents

Study Skills for Parents 1. Teach your child that he controls his own success Students often come to believe that doing well in school is about being smart or being lucky. While natural intelligence can give a student an extra edge, school…