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If you didn't get into your dream college, you're not alone! Contact C2 to plan out your next steps!

On the Bright Side: I Didn’t Get into the College I Want

If you’re among those who didn’t get in at their dream colleges, take heart: you’ve just joined an elite club that includes Tina Fey (rejected from Princeton), Steven Spielberg (rejected from USC School of Cinema Arts twice), former Secretary…
If your school fall schedule is awful, don't panic. C2 can help! Contact your local C2 center today.

On the Bright Side: My Tough School Fall Schedule

You go to orientation, you get your school fall schedule, and… It’s awful. You didn’t get any of the teachers you wanted. Your toughest class is bright and early in first period. You got the worst lunch period, right in the…
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On the Bright Side: Doing My Summer Reading Assignment

We get it: Summer reading assignments aren't the most enjoyable part of summer break. Even if it’s a book you might otherwise be interested in reading, being told that you have to read it sucks all the fun out of it. We can’t exactly make…
Disappointed in your spring semester? Let C2 get you back on track! Contact your local C2 Education today.

On the Bright Side: My Spring Semester Was NOT GOOD

"My spring semester is done! The school year is finally over! Yay!" Your celebration might be somewhat less celebratory if your spring semester wasn’t great. Maybe your spring report card was downright depressing; maybe you entered AP exam…
How do you balance a busy after school schedule? C2 can help!

On the Bright Side: My Overloaded After School Schedule

The list of things that colleges look for in applicants can be overwhelming. Top grades, hard classes, top test scores – all of these things take time! Not to mention a busy after school schedule with a variety of extracurricular activities. Every…
"My math skills are bad." Some people think they either have math skills or they don't. Let C2 help you with math, so you don't ever wonder!

On the Bright Side: My Math Skills Need Help

“I suck at math.” “Math just isn’t my thing.” “I just can’t do math.” So many people seem to think that being good at math is some sort of innate skill – you’ve got it or you don’t. We don’t usually think of…
male student agonizing over his college application essays

On the Bright Side: My Bad College Essay

Maybe you’re a senior sending out last minute applications to beat those regular admission deadlines. Or maybe you’re a junior staring down the tunnel at college application season (which is, terrifyingly enough, mere months away).
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On the Bright Side: Handling a Bad SAT or ACT score

If you’re a high school student planning to apply to college, you've probably got college admissions tests on the brain. Should I take the SAT or the ACT? How can I prep for the SAT or the ACT? And, most worrisome of all… What…
student unhappy with her gpa

On the Bright Side: My GPA Stinks Right Now

In our three-part series about what college admissions officers looked at, we explored the importance of grades in admissions decisions. College admissions officers consistently rank grades as the most important factor in admissions decisions,…