AP precalculus exam

Introducing AP Precalculus

The College Board recently announced the creation of a new AP class: AP Precalculus. As with other AP courses, this will be accompanied by an AP Precalculus exam in May for college credit. This new course will premier in the 2023/24 school year.

The Purpose of AP Precalculus

The new AP Precalc course was designed with several goals in mind:

  • Prepare more students for success in college math by providing a strong high school math foundation. 40% of college students require remediation in math.
  • Address one of the most common barriers to college completion: struggles with college level math.
  • Create a new college credit opportunity for the 50% of students who don’t start high school on an accelerated math track.
  • Encourage more students to participate in four years of math classes in high school.
  • Inspire more students to pursue STEM majors in college and careers post-college.

The Course Framework

AP Precalculus will prepare students for other college-level mathematics and science classes. The skills learned in this course are foundational not only for success in required college math courses, but also to careers in math, physics, biology, health science, data science and social science.

The new AP Precalc class will be made up of four units:

  1. Polynomial and Rational Functions
  2. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  3. Trigonometric and Polar Functions
  4. Functions Involving Parameters, Vectors, and Matrices

Through these units, students will gain a deep conceptual understanding of functions and their graphs, learning how to model and interpret models of functions. By the end of the course, the student will have established a strong foundation of higher math skills

AP Precalculus Credit and Placement

The new AP Precalculus course will fulfill a math requirement at many colleges and universities, including most public institutions. However, most highly selective institutions will not treat precalculus as a college-level course and college credit for AP Precalc will not be available. Instead, AP Precalculus will provide students attending these colleges with preparation for AP Calculus in high school or for college calculus. AP Precalc test scores may also be used for math and science course placement in college for newly enrolling students.

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