There are pro and cons to consider when signing up for AP classes. C2 can help!

As you get ready to register for your fall classes, you’re probably wondering about AP classes.

“Should I take AP classes?”

“How many should you take?”

Before you enroll in a full load of AP classes, take some time to carefully consider the pros and cons.

AP courses offer great benefits

  • Course Rigor: This is one of the top factors in college admission decisions. Admissions officers want to see that you took the toughest courses you could reasonably handle. At most high schools, the toughest classes available are AP classes; taking a few AP classes will show colleges that you looked for academic challenges.
  • College Credit: Most colleges award college credit for high scores on AP exams. If you take enough AP courses and do well enough on the exams, you could walk onto your future college campus as a sophomore on your first day. This not only saves you money on tuition but also lets you skip past a lot of the core classes. Then you’re able to begin work towards your major.
  • College Success: Research shows that students who perform well in AP classes earn higher GPAs in college. They’re also more likely to graduate from college in four years or less.

Challenges when considering AP classes

Sounds great, right? Now that you’re sold on AP classes, let’s look at the other side of the coin:

  • Striking a Balance: It’s hard to strike the right balance between good grades and rigorous courses. Colleges want to see that you take rigorous courses, but they still care about grades. You never want to overload yourself with so many AP courses that your GPA slips.
  • Time Management: AP courses require dedicated time. You’ll need to allow for an increase in homework and study time for each AP class that you take. If you’re already pretty crunched for time thanks to sports or other extracurricular activities, you definitely need to consider how many AP classes you can reasonably fit into your schedule.

When registering for your classes, make sure you keep both the good and the bad in mind. It’s almost always a good idea for a strong student to enroll in a few AP classes, but it’s important for you to know your limits. Enrolling in so many AP classes that your grades tank is just as bad as not enrolling in any at all!

If you need any AP support, whether you’re figuring out which classes are the best for you to take or  you’re struggling with your current AP workload, C2 can help.