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10 Ways To Strengthen Your College Application

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Based on the current state of college admissions, we know that it’s more competitive than ever for students to get accepted at their dream schools. Strong grades, impressive course rigor, and top test scores are still key to getting those…
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2022-2023 State of College Admissions

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The 2022-2023 college application cycle marks a critical shift towards a new normal in the state of college admissions—and answers the question of whether last year’s record-shattering application numbers and admission rates would prove…
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How to Write a Unique College Essay

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Last year, colleges continued to see record numbers of applications and low acceptance rates. When schools get more selective, college essays become an increasingly important part of admission decisions. Your essay needs to help you stand out…
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How To Navigate Competitive College Admissions

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College admissions has become more competitive than ever. Applications are up, and acceptance rates are down. What is the data telling us, and what can students do to make themselves stand out and get into great schools? Keep reading to find…
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