Preparing for the AP STEM Exams

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AP Calculus and AP Biology might not seem like they have a lot in common—beyond, of course, being challenging courses—but there are a lot of similarities in how AP exams test material in all STEM-related subjects. In this webinar, you'll…

Choosing the Right AP Classes for Next Year

It’s time to register for classes for next year! Watch to learn how to choose the best courses to help you meet your goals. We talk about how to balance grades and course difficulty, whether it’s better to earn an A in a regular class or…

Second Semester Reset: Start Strong, Finish Stronger

After finishing a grueling first semester, it can seem harder than ever to focus on school and college admissions, but a new semester offers a blank slate. It’s time to hit the reset button and jump into second semester. In this webinar, you'll…

Academic Resolutions for 2021: Plan Ahead for a Successful Year

2020 has been a tumultuous year. In this webinar, you'll learn how self-reflection on the year’s successes, failures, and challenges can help inform goals for 2021 so that you have your best year yet. We talk about how to leverage your strengths…

Ace Your Final Exams: Painless Study Strategies

The end of fall semester means more than just chilly weather and winter break: it means finals are here. This is your best chance for a last minute boost to your grades! Great grades make a great GPA — and a great GPA is a key component of…

Getting Involved With Volunteering

Lion’s Heart Teen Volunteers and Leaders and C2 VP of Education Ed Kim discuss the benefits of teen volunteering as it pertains to college, career skills, and personal growth. They also discuss how to get involved in volunteering, how to find…

Secrets to a Successful Semester

We talk about building better study skills, managing your time better, and staying organized — all tricks that help you become a stronger student.

Be Ready for a New (and Different) School Year

It's always a little tough to adapt to a new school year — and this year is starting with far more changes and challenges than usual. Watch as we talk about the academic toolbox students need for a successful school year in the COVID-19 era.…

How to Take Notes Like a Pro: Study Less, Learn More

Taking effective notes is a great way to improve school performance. From writing notes with key terms to formatting your notebook a certain way to using flashcard apps, there are numerous options to consider when figuring out what’s best…