Start the School Year Off Right

In this webinar,  we share study tips and strategies for working smarter and more efficiently ensuring that you can successfully balance the demands of school and your social life.

Creating Your AP Study Plan

AP exams are a unique beast—they're longer and more in-depth than most other tests you'll take, and they cover a massive amount of material. To make your AP exam prep count, you're going to need a solid study plan. In this webinar, you'll…

The Definitive Guide to Choosing AP Classes

AP classes show colleges that you don't back down from an academic challenge—but how do you choose the right AP classes for you? How many AP classes is enough? Which ones are hardest? Are some more impressive than others? In this webinar,…

Academic Resolutions for 2022

Winter break doesn't just mark the end of a semester, but the beginning of a whole new year — and a new year brings new opportunities. Learn from this past year and how to set and reach your academic goals to make 2022 your best year yet.…

All the Best Study Tips and Tricks for AP Exams and Finals

With AP® exams just weeks away and final exams right around the corner, it’s time to up your study game. In this webinar, you'll learn the best study tips and tricks to help you make the most of every study session. We talk about how to stay…

Preparing for the AP STEM Exams

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AP Calculus and AP Biology might not seem like they have a lot in common—beyond, of course, being challenging courses—but there are a lot of similarities in how AP exams test material in all STEM-related subjects. In this webinar, you'll…

Choosing the Right AP Classes for Next Year

It’s time to register for classes for next year! Watch to learn how to choose the best courses to help you meet your goals. We talk about how to balance grades and course difficulty, whether it’s better to earn an A in a regular class or…

Second Semester Reset: Start Strong, Finish Stronger

After finishing a grueling first semester, it can seem harder than ever to focus on school and college admissions, but a new semester offers a blank slate. It’s time to hit the reset button and jump into second semester. In this webinar, you'll…