AP® Exam Day Checklist

AP exams are right around the corner! Join us to learn everything students need to do to score their best, including thoughtful review in the days before the exam, ways to manage test anxiety, tips for timing/pacing, and more.  

Ultimate AP® Prep Event

AP® exams are right around the corner. There are times in life when it’s best to wing it, but AP exam prep isn’t one of them. Unlike the SAT® or ACT®, students only have one shot to earn a credit worth score on their AP exams. To ensure…

Digital SAT®: What It Means For You

In this webinar, we discuss the new digital SAT. Learn how the new test will adapt, how the exam is changing, and your best timeline for success.   Want to learn more? Visit our Digital SAT Resource Hub.

Race Against Time: Beating the Clock on the SAT®, ACT®, and PSAT®

One of the biggest challenges on the SAT, ACT, and PSAT is finishing the test in time. After all, no matter how well you know your stuff, you won’t hit your score goals if you can’t move quickly enough through the test. Watch this webinar…

SAT® vs ACT®: Weighing Your Options

SAT and ACT scores help colleges compare students from different high schools with vastly different grading policies. Even in a test-optional landscape, top scores can help you earn admission at your dream school, and top scores require careful…

Preparing for the AP STEM Exams

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AP Calculus and AP Biology might not seem like they have a lot in common—beyond, of course, being challenging courses—but there are a lot of similarities in how AP exams test material in all STEM-related subjects. In this webinar, you'll…

Preparing for the AP Humanities Exams

From English Language to European History, the AP humanities exams cover a wide range of subjects—but the way the exams test these subjects is often similar. In this webinar, you'll learn the best ways to approach AP humanities exams, both…

2021 AP Exams: What’s Different, What Stays the Same, and How to Prepare

To adapt to the ongoing pandemic, the College Board has announced a range of changes to the usual AP exam season. In this webinar, you'll find out what's new and how these changes could affect your AP exam prep. We compare the 2021 AP exams…

Top 15 SAT Prep Tips

High SAT scores can boost your chances for admission to your dream college, but the SAT is a tough test to crack. In this webinar, we share our top 15 tips to maximize your scores. We've got test-taking tips to help you with every section of…