Incoming Seniors – How to Approach College Admissions This Year


Register for any remaining standardized tests you need to take. The SAT or ACT are most important; SAT Subject Tests are secondary. Registration for SAT test dates this fall is currently open; ACT fall test registration will open at the end of July. You may need to be flexible with test dates or centers due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Get letters of recommendation taken care of as early as possible — by asking teachers before the masses do, they’ll have more time to write a strong recommendation. Also, there’s no way to know what the upcoming school year will look like or how it may be disrupted by COVID-19; teachers may have even less time than normal this fall.


It’s time to start! Strong, compelling essays take to to write, revise, edit, and proofread. And due to the pandemic, it’s likely that many admissions officers will weight essays more heavily than in the past. A strong essay always works in your favor, and even more so this year.


Continue working hard on schoolwork and participating in extracurriculars as much as possible. The past few months have been far from ordinary, but do your best to keep forging ahead.



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  • Continue implementing your college roadmap for grades, standardized tests, and extracurriculars.
  • Get started on your college essays – they take more time than most students realize.
  • Finalize your college list and get a good mix of safety, target, and dream schools. Make sure you know each school’s current policies regarding standardized tests as well as all application deadlines.
  • If you don’t already have the score you need, register for the SAT or ACT this fall and get good test prep underway.