tutor helping a high school student with homework

October 3-7, 2022 is Tutor Appreciation Week! C2 tutors have a passion for learning and believe all students can reach their full potential with personalized guidance and support. Not only are our tutors experts in their subject areas, they truly care about their students’ academic success and future plans. Continue reading to learn more about some of our amazing tutors!

Susanna HeinzTutor Susanna Heinz

Palo Alto, CA

“Susanna has helped me with English, math, and most importantly my confidence. I’ve never seen someone care for their students as much as Susanna does. She also notices everything; she sees when a student is struggling and knows exactly what to do. Having Susanna as a tutor has truly been one of the best things to happen to my SAT® process.”


Don BenjaminTutor Don Benjamin

San Mateo, CA

“Don has been teaching at C2 San Mateo since 2017 and has rich teaching experience in SAT®, ACT®, AP English, AP® US History and other subjects. Many of his students have been admitted to Ivy League schools and top 30 universities. He has a high reputation among his students, and many students even come here specifically to work with him.”


Tanya KumarTutor Tanya Kumar

Maple Lawn, MD

“Tanya teaches both STEM and Humanities subjects and she has a stellar teaching style. We always get great feedback from students and parents about how sessions with Tanya have greatly improved their scores and grades. She goes above and beyond to provide students with extra work and encouragement and always provides detailed feedback and suggestions to families for conferences.”


Nina TefttTutor Nina Teftt

Sterling, VA

“For 10 years, Nina has not only been one of the most dedicated, driven and disciplined tutors here at C2, but also one of the most caring. C2 is her home and that’s how she makes her students feel, too. She believes in each and every one of her students and will do everything in her power to help them achieve their academic goals. She not only brings her head to C2 everyday, but also her heart!”


Spencer KimTutor Spencer Kim

Yorba Linda, CA

“I think Spencer is amazing. He provided really good feedback and gave some great critiques. He was specific enough to both help me understand what I need to fix and give me some ideas on how to continue from there. He’s also a really nice and interesting person to chat with. He’s been really supportive and helpful throughout the college application process.”