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In our most recent webinar, we discussed the new digital SAT®, including the timeline, what’s changing, and our recommendations for test prep. We received many questions from parents and students during the live webinar and we wanted to share the answers to a few of our favorites. Take a look!

When will the new digital SAT be introduced?

The new SAT test will be introduced internationally in spring 2023. The first digital PSAT will be offered in the U.S. in fall 2023. The digital SAT will be offered in the U.S. in spring 2024.

Will scoring stay the same?

Yes, the overall scoring scale will still be 400-1600, with each section having a maximum score of 800.

Is there option to write notes on the reading and writing section?

Yes! The platform will have an annotation function to allow for highlighting and taking notes.

Will test prep be made readily available prior to the move to the digital test?

The College Board will release their first practice tests in fall of 2022. At C2, we will begin offering digital SAT prep in spring 2023, allowing students a full year of test prep before the new digital exam is introduced.

I’m currently a junior and I want to know if I will have to take the digital SAT?

Current juniors, students graduating in 2024, should not have to worry about the switch to the digital SAT. Since most college application deadlines fall somewhere between November and February, seniors typically need to have their test scores finalized by fall of their senior year. That means that current juniors have until fall of 2023 to finalize their test scores and can focus on the current version of the SAT.

When will C2 have digital SAT test prep available for students?

We will be offering digital SAT test prep starting spring 2023. However, our current SAT prep programs help students master the knowledge and skills needed for success on either the paper or the digital test. This means that if a student is planning on taking the digital SAT in the future, test prep at C2 can start as early as now!


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