25th anniversary

C2 Education is celebrating 25 years of academic success! Since 1997, C2 has helped high-performing students achieve high test scores, strong GPAs and dream college acceptances.

Our Story

C2 Education was founded 25 years ago in a Harvard University dorm room by David Kim and Jim Narangajavana. On weekends, Jim provided SAT® prep to local high school students. Both Jim and David felt strongly that every student should have a shot at the best schools and opportunities. Working together, they started a tutoring company to help high school students get into their first-choice colleges.

Since 1997, C2 has grown from that Harvard dorm room to over 135 centers in 15 states and Canada. All C2 services are now available in person, online, or hybrid.

Our Academic Outcomes

In the last five years, C2 students have received 25,000+ dream college acceptances and over $180 million in scholarship offers. 91% of C2 students who applied to a top 100 school were accepted. 40% of C2 students who applied to an Ivy league school were accepted, compared to the National Ivy acceptance rate of 5%. Additionally, last year, C2 students scored within the top 10% of SAT® and ACT® scores nationwide.

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