You did it. You woke up early on a Saturday and devoted part of your weekend to taking the PSAT. You put in hours of PSAT practice, experienced what a college admissions test feels like, learned to manage the clock, and bolstered your confidence. Congratulations!

Maybe you’re wondering: what do I do now (besides take a nap)? Your scores will be available in January. Your guidance counselor will get them first, and then you will have access to them online through your College Board account. By the end of January, you will receive an old-fashioned paper score report in the mail. In the meantime, it’s time to start preparing for the next round of exams!

Use Your Scores as a Road Map

Your PSAT performance will offer a good idea of how you’ll fare on the real thing. The College Board has designed the two tests to be academically aligned. That is, the PSAT concerns lower-level concepts that the SAT builds on and evaluates. The tests share a continuous scale, so that your PSAT results are an accurate reflection of your progress thus far. Use your PSAT results to know exactly how to practice for the SAT.

Focus on the SAT or ACT

Currently, all high schools do not offer the pre-ACT, but it might be worth taking a diagnostic practice ACT test to find out which exam you should focus on leading up to spring of your junior year. There are marked differences between the tests, and knowing which format you favor will help you decide which areas to dedicate your time to when working with a tutor.

Want to learn more about understanding your PSAT results? Join C2 Education’s webinar, Your PSAT Score Report, on Wednesday, December 13, to determine where to go from here.

Get Personalized Tutoring

At C2 Education, we can help turn your PSAT results into an individualized tutoring plan tailored to you. Stop by your local C2 Education Center today, or call us at (888) 339-5205 to learn more about our college admissions test prep and tutoring programs.

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