Forging a positive relationship with your child’s teachers can go a long way in determining academic success. When you make the effort to form this kind of partnership, you and the teacher can work in tandem to support your child, sharing strengths, weaknesses, and strategies you’re both seeing at home and at school.

It can be tough, though, to bond with a teacher, since they likely have dozens of students and a crammed schedule. Here are a few strategies that work.

Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

This may seem like an obvious one, but when and how you speak with a teacher will make all the difference. Make sure that you’re respecting the teacher’s time and only schedule appointments when there are issues to discuss. Perhaps you’ve invested in child tutoring and you’d like the teacher’s input about what the tutor should focus on. Maybe you’ve noticed your child struggling with a certain subject and want to ask about ways you can assist him or her at home.

Be Positive and Proactive

Avoid communicating with the teacher only when something is wrong. If you do have a problem with an element of your child’s schooling, be sure to deliver your thoughts in an open and positive way and not in an accusatory tone. Be ready to accept some of the responsibility in addressing the struggle and commit to helping resolve it.

Step Back

Remember that the relationship between your child and his or her teacher is likely the first one that has been established with an adult outside the family. This is an important step in the maturing process. If you do all the work, your child may miss out on this important lesson. Be sure to give him or her room to form a unique bond with this important person. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways you can help! Assist your child with his or her homework and find a good tutoring center for kids for extra support.

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