Lackluster summer plans? C2 can help make it a killer summer! Contact C2 Ediucation.

Spring is in the air, which means summer is just around the corner!

For college bound high school students, summer break offers a lot of unique opportunities. Sure, you could spend your days lazing by the pool and working on your tan. You could also use the time building up a stronger college application. (Better yet, do both – you deserve a little rest and relaxation, after all.)

What if your summer plans are nonexistent? Isn’t it too late to make plans now?


While a lot of summer programs have application deadlines that have already passed, you still have plenty of options.

Pre-College Programs

Several renowned colleges still have applications open for their pre-college summer programs, including:

If you’re interested in programs like these, definitely don’t wait to apply – the application deadlines are right around the corner!


Interested in combining education and travel? C2 Education has partnered with Oxbridge Academic Programs to offer 7th-12th grade students with opportunities to study abroad. These programs combine the excitement of travel and the value of learning. Oxbridge Academic programs take place at some of the world’s most renowned universities in culturally rich cities. Students have the ability to earn course credits while gaining valuable travel experiences. Contact your local C2 Education center today to learn more about the opportunities available through Oxbridge Academic Programs.

Test Prep

It can be tough to balance school, homework, extracurricular activities, and test prep during the school year.  Make sure you’re putting these school-free weeks to good use to boost your chances for college admission. Why not use summer break to focus your efforts on SAT or ACT prep so that you can really maximize your scores? Or you can choose to set up your own rigorous self-study schedule or enroll in a summer test prep program. This summer, C2 Education is offering 40-hour SAT or ACT Boot Camps designed to help boost your SAT or ACT scores in just four short weeks. Contact your local C2 Education center to learn more about these limited time programs.

Volunteer Work

Gaining admission at your dream college requires more than good grades and test scores. Colleges seek students who will develop into leaders who will work to enrich their communities. You can show colleges that you’re invested in making the world around you better by engaging in volunteer work. There are plenty of resources to help you find great volunteer opportunities, but if you’re not already involved in service organizations like National Honor Society, contact your local C2 Education center.

C2 Education has partnered with Lion’s Heart, one of only 12 nationally recognized leadership organizations that offer the President’s Volunteer Service Award, to provide students with great volunteering opportunities. Lion’s Heart links student volunteers with hand-picked local volunteer opportunities based on each student’s passions and interests, and provides a platform where students can track their hours, leadership positions, and awards to build a volunteer portfolio to submit to colleges. Contact your local C2 Education center to learn more, and be sure to mention C2 when enrolling at Lion’s Heart.

No matter how you choose to use your summer break, make sure you use it wisely!