Summer Boot Camps

School might be out for the summer but C2 is still in session. Summer is a great time to focus on college entrance test prep, lock in what you learned during the past school year, or even get a jump start for next year. By keeping your brain engaged and learning, you can avoid summer brain drain and stay ahead of the curve.

C2’s Boot Camps each have a unique focus packed into a 40-hour summer program. Boot Camps have set schedules with daily two-hour small group sessions including individual attention for each student. Our summer camps offer intensive learning using our proprietary curriculum and custom content. Interim testing is also built into the course to measure progress and see improvements.

Boot Camp PLUS

And to really kick your summer learning into overdrive, there’s Boot Camp PLUS! With Boot Camp PLUS, you get an additional 50 hours of  tutoring designed for your specific needs plus additional practice tests and personal feedback. This add-on program has flexible scheduling and also includes in-center lab hours for self-study.

C2 Boot Camps: Keep Learning All Summer!

SAT Camp

If you’re taking the summer or fall SAT/PSAT, Boot Camp is a great way to maximize your test prep and ultimately boost your score. You’ll get practice test experience and improve your problem solving skills with effective test strategies and tips.

SAT Boot Camp features include:

  • Dedicated program start dates for the August SAT
  • Intensive prep to maximize your time
  • Expert teachers who have mastered the SAT
  • Custom content and workbooks designed for summer study
  • 3 full-length practice tests to boost confidence and build endurance

ACT Camp

ACT test prep camp will have you ready for the summer or fall test dates. Test prep is accelerated by meeting every day and following our curriculum designed just for summer study. Practice tests provide invaluable experience as well as measurable results.

C2’s ACT Test Prep Boot Camp features:

  • Program start dates specifically for September ACT test-takers
  • Select options also available for the July ACT date
  • Daily sessions to take advantage of summer time off
  • Content and workbooks designed for Boot Camp
  • 3 full-length practice tests to provide hands-on experience

Math Camp

C2’s Math Camp is perfect for 7th – 12th grade students who want to get a head start on next year’s math.

Our 40-hour Math Boot Camp is ideal to:

  • Accelerate math learning and get a head start on next year’s math class
  • Bridge topics between math subjects
  • Enrich fundamental math and STEM concepts
  • Work on Pre-Algebra, Algebra I or II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Trigonometry

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Book Camp

Book Camp is for 4th – 8th graders who could use a boost in their reading comprehension and writing skills.

Students will:

  • Build key reading comprehension skills necessary for success across disciplines
  • Practice key writing skills with fun exercises
  • Boost reading and writing standardized test scores
  • Read and study 4 novels with proprietary curriculum for each

Subject Camp

Accelerated Subject Camp encompasses highly focused study on anyK – 12 subject or area that needs quick improvement.

This Boot Camp is perfect for:

  • Maximized improvement on a selected topic
  • Targeted subject study before AP courses or SAT Subject Tests
  • Accelerated math learning for students too young for our Math Camp
  • Custom-build a program of your choosing