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Last updated April 3

ACT has postponed its April test date to June 13 in response to Covid-19 closures. Students who registered for the April test date have the option to reschedule to June 13 or a future ACT test date.

For rising seniors, cancelled test dates have a big impact: every cancelled test date means that there is one less chance to improve test scores. When students are eventually able to take the ACT, they may have fewer opportunities to retest, so the stakes for each remaining test date will be higher.

There is good news, though:

  • Students who had intended to test in April will have more time to prepare for the test. The stakes will be higher on future test dates, but you’ll also be much better prepared.
  • ACT prep is available online, helping students to not only improve their ACT scores but also to remain academically engaged during school closures.

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