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4 SAT Reading Strategies to Boost Your Score

Unlike the math and writing portions of the SAT, the SAT reading section doesn’t require you to bring any outside knowledge to the test. You don’t need to know grammar rules or algebra—you just need to know how to read. For those of you…
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SAT Reading Practice: Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s that time of year again: love is in the air, stores are decked with pink and red hearts, and the SAT is just a few weeks away. Inspired by the season, we’ve put together some Valentine’s Day themed SAT reading practice for you. Enjoy! On…
Each section of the SAT has a purpose in measuring students' abilities. Contact C2 to maximize your SAT score!

How are the SAT test sections laid out?

If you’re looking for some basic information on the different SAT test sections, we’ve got you covered. Directly below is a table summarizing the sections and format of the SAT. Further down, you'll find more details about each section. Section Sub-Section Total…