a school of jellyfish in search of tutoring

It seems like both yesterday and forever ago that schools transitioned to remote learning and students were faced with many new challenges. Since then, our teachers have spent hours and hours supplementing school lessons, helping with homework, and prepping for APs online. But we all also need to remember to take a break. Seriously — you deserve it! Whether you’re a student learning remotely or a parent doing everything, breaks are a necessity.

Here are some ideas we love.

Hello, Jelly Cam!

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams – check out two kinds of jelly fish on live jelly cams!
  • Smithsonian’s National Zoo Webcam and Animal Webcam Activities Download – play I Spy and webcam bingo with the free activities packet
  • Explore.org Live Cams – from puppies to gorillas, there’s something here for everyone
  • San Diego Zoo Live Cams – baboons and tigers and bears, oh my!

I like to move it, move it

  • Simon Says – Simon says gimme 20! Let me have 10 more!
  • Plank Off – get the whole family in position and see who can make it the longest
  • Boot Camp – make up your own exercise routine with classics like jumping jacks, sit ups, wall sits, and lunges
  • GoNoodle – inspired movement and mindfulness for kids

Got time? We’ve got more ideas!

  • Pick up a new hobby – puzzles, origami, and knitting are popular these days
  • Sew masks for family and friends (contactless delivery, of course!)
  • Outschool – from beat boxing and ballet to baking and Dungeons & Dragons, there’s fun for everyone!
  • Nike Training Club – this app has a great free version with a variety of workouts

If you need help with schoolwork so you can free up more time for breaks, we’re here to help!