There are thousands of colleges in the U.S, and it is your task to find the one that’s right for you. Sound overwhelming? It can be. Your college choice will determine the next four years of your life, and have a lasting impact beyond that. At college, you’ll make lifelong friends, establish your professional network, and begin to chart your career path.

If you’re feeling unsure about just where to send those applications, consider the following advice.

Don’t Count Yourself Out

Sometimes students convince themselves they’ll never get into a certain university, so they don’t apply. Perhaps it’s always been your dream to attend that prestigious art school in New York City, but you’ve heard they only accept students who boast remarkable accomplishments. Remember though, there’s a difference between what you’ve heard and what is true. Many times, good grades and a stand-out application can get you into the school of your dreams. Instead of counting yourself out, find a college essay tutor and get to work on your winning application!

Likewise, don’t be intimidated by steep price tags. Financial aid options – particularly at expensive schools – can make all the difference.

Do Apply to ‘Safety’ Schools

It’s standard practice for students to apply to a number of “safety” schools to ensure they have somewhere to go in the fall, even if they don’t get into the colleges they wanted. The most important thing to remember about safety schools, though, is that they shouldn’t just be schools you know you can get into, but schools you actually want to attend.

Consider Location

If you’re a city girl looking for a stellar engineering program, even the top engineering department at a rural school might not be the place for you. Don’t forget factors beyond academics when choosing schools. Do you want to live near the mountains? In a location with mild winters? Somewhere close to family? Four years is a long time to be at a college that’s not right for you.

Find the Right Fit With C2

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