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How to Improve Your GPA in High School

Is your GPA just plain scary? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of students get a shiver up their spines when they think about their GPA—how will I ever go to college with bad grades like these? Fear not: No matter where you are on your college…
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Rock the New School Year with These Back to School Tips

So you’ve finished your back to school retail therapy and there’s a pile of folders, binders, highlighters, and pens waiting to be organized into your backpack. Ready or not, it’s time for the new school year to start. Take advantage of…
Your junior year of high school can be stressful if you don't have a plan. Contact your local C2 for help!

A Survival Guide for Your Junior Year of High School

As the weeks and months before college applications are due slip away, high school juniors get busier and more frantic. Fear not! With careful planning, you’ll get through this—and we’re here to help. We hope you find this survival guide…
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Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in a Summer Program

Although spring has not yet officially sprung, it’s already time to start making summer plans. Keep reading to learn how summer programs help students succeed: Reason #1: Avoiding Summer Brain Drain Studies show that students lose an average…
Picking the right classes can be a challenge. C2 can help you create the best schedule for you.

Pick the Right Classes to Get into Your Dream College

Picking your classes for next year might not feel like a momentous decision, but your class schedule can have a huge impact on your chances for college admission. Year after year, college admissions officers identify grades and class difficulty…
The more AP classes you have, the more important it is to start each one the best you can. Contact C2 and get AP help today.

Starting AP Classes off Right

AP classes are no walk in the park, so it’s important to take steps early in the semester to make these tough courses just a little easier. The more AP classes you’re taking, the more important it is to start the semester off on the right…
middle school students in a summer college program

College Programs for Middle School

Each year, 7th grade students across the country compete for admission at one of a small handful of university-based talent search summer programs. Duke’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) 7th Grade Talent Search is the first step to attending TIP’s educational programs.
students in a fun class in the library over summer break

Don’t Waste Summer Break!

Summer break – 10ish weeks away from the demands of school, homework, and extracurricular activities. For some students, these weeks represent a blissful period of late mornings and relaxation – but for others, these weeks are a chance to get ahead of the crowd.