Getting into college used to be a relatively simple process. Because higher education was mostly reserved for privileged members of society, colleges tended to accept any high school student in good standing whose parents could pay the cost of tuition.

Today, as you know, the college admission process is long and arduous. In between acing exams, students are expected to develop stellar academic records and a long list of extracurricular activities. During these years, you’ll stay late after school, volunteer on the weekends, or even work a job to cover SAT and ACT tutoring costs. Don’t let all your hard work be for naught – avoid these admissions nightmares!

You Enter the Wrong GPA

After filling out 14 applications, you might be tempted to rush through the forms. Make sure you enter all of your information accurately, as each piece of information plays a key role in getting you admitted to the college of your choice.

Your Essay Doesn’t Set You Apart—or Worse, Contains Errors

Your personal essay should answer the prompt but also give admissions officers insight into who you are and what kind of student you would be. Set yourself apart by telling personal anecdotes. Be explicit about why you want to attend that particular university. Above all else, proofread your essay – and then proofread it again. Have someone you trust proofread it, too.

You Miss the Deadline

Don’t juggle all those deadlines in your head. Write them down on a calendar or download an app to send you reminders a few days before each application is due.

Get an Edge in College Admissions

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