If you listed everything you need to do in four years of high school to prepare for the college admissions process, you’d probably be overwhelmed. That’s why it’s important to take things step by step, one year at a time.

If you’re starting your sophomore year, there are specific tasks you’ll want to check off throughout the academic calendar. Hopefully you’ve already established a relationship with your guidance counselor as well as a local tutoring center to help you along the way. Here’s a breakdown of what else to do to ensure your sophomore year is constructive.

Fall of Sophomore Year

Start the school year off strong by getting to know your guidance counselor better. Discuss your four-year plan with him or her, and ask about what resources your school offers for the college admissions process. Be sure to sign up for AP and honors courses and take the PSAT again. Remain involved in extracurricular activities. Establish a plan for SAT subject test prep.

Spring of Sophomore Year

Take the SAT subject tests that line up with your AP and honors courses. Be sure to end the year on the right note by getting great grades. Sign up for AP and honors courses for your junior year.

Summer After Sophomore Year

During the summer, visit at least two colleges to learn more about their academic offerings and get a feel for campus life. Aim to volunteer 100 hours or secure a summer job, ideally in a field you may want to pursue professionally. Summer is good time to begin preparing for one more round of the PSAT and to establish a study routine for the ACT and SAT.

Stay on Track With C2 Education

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