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Whether your college applications are still months or years away, or whether you’re scrambling to meet a looming application deadline, here are two great articles about college admissions to check out:

What the People Who Read Your College Application Really Think, NPR

NPR looks behind the curtain at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts to find out what admissions committees really think.

Ten Ways for Parents to Get on Top of the College Admission Process, Forbes

A former Amherst College admission officer writes about how parents can help with the college admission process.

The Ivy League has released early acceptance rates for the class of 2021. The good news? the Ivy League schools have posted early acceptance rates that are significantly higher than their usual overall acceptance rates, meaning that applying early still helps at these schools. The bad news? Across the board, Ivy League schools have reported increases in the number of applications received, meaning there’s more competition than ever. Here’s the early admission acceptance rate breakdown for the Ivy League:

• Harvard University Early Admission: 14.5%
• Princeton University Early Admission: 15.4%
• Yale University Early Admission: 17.1%
• Brown University Early Admission: 21.9%
• University of Pennsylvania Early Admission: 22.0%
• Cornell University Early Admission: 25.6%
• Dartmouth University Early Admission: 27.8%
• Columbia University Early Admission: Not Reported

Interested in data for other schools? The Washington Post maintains a database with early action, early decision, and regular admission statistics for top ranked colleges and universities. As of this posting, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is posting the lowest early admission rate at 8%.