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SAT Updates: COVID-19

June 22 UPDATE College Board is working hard to make additional test seats available for this fall. If you attempt to register and are unable to find a seat, please check other dates. And per College Board, you can also try again later to see…
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5 Reasons You Need to Take a Practice SAT Test

Pop quiz: What’s the number one thing you can do to boost your SAT scores? A. Do daily headstands to improve circulation to your brain B. Sleep with a test prep book under your pillow to learn by osmosis C. Only eat foods that begin with…
Depending on your math score goal, there may be different SAT math strategies to choose from. Contact your local C2 for a free SAT consultation!

SAT Math Strategies to Reach Your Score Goal

The math section makes up half of your total SAT score, so success is vital for those hoping to get into a top college. Bad news: we can’t wave a magic wand and improve your math score. Good news: we’ve got SAT math strategies tailored to…
The August SAT has lots of benefits other test dates don't. Let C2 help with your SAT prep!

Why You Should Take the August SAT

The August SAT offers a lot of benefits that other test dates don’t. If you’re considering taking the August SAT, be sure to stay mindful of the registration deadline. It can sneak up on you as summer break flies by. Why take advantage…