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Most students think they’ll get plenty of help from their school guidance counselors when it’s time to apply to college. Unfortunately, although guidance counselors are dedicated to helping their students succeed, they are too often overworked, under-resourced, and unable to provide the best college counseling. Here’s why you need a good college counselor.

On average, there are 482 students for every one school counselor nationwide. This ratio is nearly double the 250-to-1 ratio recommended by the American School Counselor Association. With a single person supporting hundreds of students, the quality of college counseling that students receive in school is often lacking, which is why so many students turn to outside sources to receive the best college counseling available for help with the process.

What will a great college counselor help you with?

Getting into your dream college is a big undertaking, so getting the right support can make all the difference. Your college counselor will help with:

  • Set smart academic goals to boost your chances for admission to your dream colleges
  • Identify lots of college options suited to your needs and wants
  • Navigate the college application process from start to finish
  • Identify financial aid opportunities

Here are some things to look for in a college counselor:

  • Responsiveness. A supportive college counselor will be able to answer your questions quickly. After all, once the application process starts, time is of the essence!
  • Personalization. Your college counselor should work with you to tailor advice and recommendations to your unique wants and needs. Everyone knows about the flagship state universities and the big-name private schools, but what about the small liberal arts colleges and lesser-known regional colleges? You want a counselor who takes the time to help you explore all of your options—not just the popular options.
  • Expertise. Your college counselor should be able to identify great resources to learn more about different colleges and about the college admissions process.
  • Honesty. A college counselor who only tells you what you want to hear or who tries to convince you to “game the system” is not doing you any favors. The goal of a good college counselor is to help you earn admission to a college that offers the perfect fit for your needs and wants.

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