tutor helping a high school student with homework

Many people equate tutoring with standardized test prep, but at C2 Education, we practice what we like to call 360 Degree Tutoring.

What Is 360 Degree Tutoring?

360 Degree Tutoring is comprehensive. At C2 Education, our tutoring programs are fully customized to suit each student’s unique needs. We know that no two students are the same, which is why C2 works with students and parents to craft individualized study plans.

The C2 Method: What Makes C2 Education Different?

Every student who comes to C2 Education starts with a grade-level appropriate diagnostic test. Depending on the student and his goals, this test might take the form of a full-length PSAT, SAT, ACT, or grade-level specific test.

  • C2 diagnostic tests are administered under realistic testing conditions, giving students valuable standardized test practice.
  • These tests help to pinpoint each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing C2 Education Center Directors to help students and their parents establish clear goals and an individual plan to achieve those goals.
  • All C2 diagnostic tests are fully aligned with C2’s curriculum, allowing teachers to better help students build on strengths and address weaknesses.

After the diagnostic test results are in, students and their parents meet with a C2 Education Center Director to review scores, discuss academic goals, and formulate a customized study plan to achieve those goals. C2 Education study plans go beyond standardized test prep to help students address:

  • Schoolwork needs
  • College admission plans
  • Enrichment or remediation
  • Study skills and organization

Once a student is enrolled at C2, he will periodically take interim tests to assess progress. After each interim test, the Center Director will meet with the student and parent to:

  • Explore changes in the student’s performance
  • Assess whether to adjust academic goals
  • Adjust the student’s study plan to address any changes

C2 Education Center Directors: A Valuable Resource

One of the first faces a student sees upon entering a C2 Education center is the Center Director. Center Directors offer valuable assistance throughout a student’s time at C2. C2 Center Directors are academic experts with local knowledge, offering a deep understanding both of local schools and of overall academic trends. They offer detailed guidance at every step of a student’s C2 Education program and throughout the college admission process.

C2 Education Teachers: Tutors and Mentors

To teach at C2 Education, a teacher must score in the 95th percentile in the subjects in which they want to teach, ensuring that all C2 teachers have the content knowledge necessary to help students succeed.

But there is much more to being a C2 Education teacher than just content knowledge. C2 Education teachers:

  • Often come from top-ranked colleges and universities, providing them with unique insight into the competitive world of college admissions.
  • Have a wide range of backgrounds, from recent college graduates to college professors and everything in between.
  • Share a love of teaching and a deep dedication to helping students succeed.

C2 Center Directors work with students to help them find the best teachers for their specific needs, ensuring that students have access to teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to help them meet their goals.

C2 Education’s Goal: Passionate Learners

While C2 Education’s Center Directors and teachers work to help students improve their grades and test scores, they also work to help students become passionate and independent learners. This means going beyond drills and assignments to help students master the study skills and organizational skills necessary for lasting success, establishing a rapport between teachers and students to make learning interesting, and helping to mentor students as they work toward their goals.

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