Congratulations C2 2017 Summer Scholarship Recipients

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, C2 partnered with high schools across the country to offer nearly $500,000 in C2 Tutoring Scholarships. Congratulations to our 2017 summer winners who are one step closer to their college dreams with 30 FREE hours at their local C2 Center!

This scholarship recognizes deserving students that could use a little extra help with their school subjects, test prep or college planning.

Criteria for evaluation
Schools have awarded students C2 Tutoring Scholarships for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Financial hardship
  • Struggle in a class needed to meet graduation requirements
  • Long absences due to illness or a death in the family
  • The reasons are as unique as each school and each student. We welcome them all!

Directions for nomination
The summer scholarship submission date has expired.  If you know of a deserving student that could use a little extra academic help, please contact your high school or local Center for upcoming application dates.  We suggest the guidance team work together to nominate the student on behalf of the school.

Plainview Center

Fardeen Choudhury
Hicksville HS, 11th grade

“Fardeen is aiming for some top schools and aspires to be a Physician. He is currently also involved with Key Club, Basketball, and Track. We will be putting a strong focus on math and guiding him with the college application process to ensure he is ready and able to move forward and conquer his goals.”
– Plainview C2 Center Director

Hamilton Center

Sri Lahari Kunchapu
Mercer County Technical School Assunpink Health Science Academy, 11th grade

“Winning this scholarship means a second chance at succeeding on the SATs, but it also means so much more than that. Working with C2 will not only boost my confidence but will also create a foundation that will enable me to get closer to my college dreams.”
– Sri Lahari

Wayne Center

Hajar Hraimel
Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI), 10th grade

“Hajar Hraimel was in the Paterson School District her freshman and then was accepted into PCTI for her sophomore year. Since coming to PCTI as a sophomore, Hajar has thrived with a 3.99 GPA and composite score of 26 on the ACT. Since Hajar is only a sophomore, I feel she would benefit from further ACT/SAT training over the summer and believe she could obtain a score in the 30’s.”
– Dean Campiglia, PCTI teacher

Suwanee Center

Kayla Ortega
Greater Atlanta Christian School, 10th grade

“This award means a lot to me because I care about my education and want to be successful at all subjects in school. Not only do I care about my education but my parents do too and I want them to be proud of me. I am very thankful C2 would choose me for a scholarship. It’s comforting to know I will be able to get the help and support I need to start next year strong.”​
– Kayla

Irvine Center

Conor McCarthy
Irvine High School, 10th grade

“I come from a single parent family where there isn’t extra money for college prep or enrichment; because of the C2 Scholarship I have a better shot of getting into my dream school. Thank you C2!”
– Conor McCarthy

Anaheim Hills (Fullerton) Center

Imani Musembi
Troy High School, 10th grade

“This scholarship means a lot to me. I know that by taking the necessary steps right now to sharpen and strengthen my study, writing and reading skills, I will be a step ahead when it comes to preparing for college. I am confident that C2 can help me achieve my goal of creating lifelong strategies on how to conquer difficult subjects and overcome learning obstacles in my journey through high school and beyond.”
– Imani

Olney Center

Maria Giulia De Jesus Baroni
Colonel Zadok Magruder High School, 11th grade

“Maria was nominated because she is not from the US, works 30+ hours a week at a part time job to pay rent, lives here on her own with no family or support of any kind, maintains a 3.76 GPA, and walks her path without complaining or feeling sorry for herself, she just does what she needs to do. She deserves help and support.”
– Don Warton, Teacher

Parsippany Center

Alison Christian
Parsippany High School, 11th grade

“I cannot thank C2 enough for their generous summer scholarship that I was awarded; it will help me tremendously for the SATs. I appreciate the value your organization places on helping aspiring students. With the help of your scholarship, I hope to reach great heights in the future. Thank you so much C2!”
-Alison Christian