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5 ACT Math Tips to Achieve High Scores

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping math. Students hoping to use the ACT for admission to a dream college need to build the math chops for top ACT scores. ACT math questions are roughly ordered from easiest to hardest. Understanding this…
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ACT Study Guide – A Simple Step-by-Step Approach

After much deliberation (or perhaps none at all?), you’ve decided to take the ACT. Now what? We’ve put together a simple step-by-step ACT study guide to help maximize your score on test day. Step One: Get to Know the Test Sun Tzu said,…
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5 Tips for ACT Reading: Dealing with BORING Passages

On both the ACT and the SAT, reading passages can pose a challenge. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see at least one passage on any given test that you think is Just. Plain. Boring. Boring passages are hard to read—you zone out,…
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ACT Science Section Tips for a High Score

So what is the ACT science section? At its core, it’s a test of scientific analysis. It assesses your ability to synthesize scientific data and information in order to draw logical conclusions. But more than anything else, it’s a timed test.…
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What’s On the ISEE? Everything You Need to Know

The ISEE is the Independent School Entrance Examination, and it’s used for admission to private middle and high schools. Read on to learn more about the ISEE. Does my child need to take the ISEE? If you’re planning to apply to a private…
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SAT Math Strategies to Reach Your Score Goal

The math section makes up half of your total SAT score, so success is vital for those hoping to get into a top college. Bad news: we can’t wave a magic wand and improve your math score. Good news: we’ve got SAT math strategies tailored to…
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5 SAT Prep Mistakes to Avoid for Maximum Results

You’ve got your SAT prep book. You’ve sharpened your #2 pencils. You’ve got your favorite coffee mug/energy drink/IV of caffeine ready and waiting. It’s time for SAT prep. But before you leap head-first into your test prep, make sure…
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What’s on the ACT Science Section?

A lot of students shy away from the ACT because of the science section, but don’t be scared off by it. The ACT Science section isn’t particularly science-y. The bulk of the 40-question, 35-minute science section focuses on reading comprehension…