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Test Prep for Maximizing SAT, ACT, & AP Test Scores

Today’s students must develop strong test taking skills early on for entrance into private schools, magnet schools, summer programs, scholarship contests, and—eventually—college. At C2 Education we believe that the best test prep courses do more than just teach students how to take a test. Test preparation should not only maximize test scores, but also give students the skills and tools they need for long-term academic success.


The SAT primarily tests a student’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. Although a broad vocabulary is important for success on the SAT, the test does not require a great deal of prior knowledge. Instead, the SAT focuses on students’ problem solving abilities. C2’s SAT test prep courses help students to expand their vocabularies and build stronger critical thinking skills in order to maximize SAT scores.


The ACT primarily tests a student’s knowledge of different subject areas. Students who do well in their high school courses and who have a firm grasp of critical reading, grammar, and math concepts often have an affinity for the ACT. C2’s ACT test prep courses help students build on their strengths in order to maximize ACT scores, allowing students to be more competitive as they apply to college. Unlike the SAT, the ACT primarily tests a student’s knowledge of different subject areas. Students who do well in their high school courses and who have a firm grasp of critical reading, grammar, and math concepts often have an affinity for the ACT over the SAT.

SAT Subject Tests

These often overlooked exams can be important to a student’s chances for success in college admissions. Many of the nation’s elite colleges and universities require at least two SAT Subject Tests for admission. Other colleges use these tests for placement into higher level courses. Most students can benefit from high SAT Subject Test scores because these tests demonstrate subject knowledge and help students stand out of the applicant pool.

AP Exams

The Advanced Placement (AP) program allows students to earn college credit while still in high school. Whether students will be awarded credit depends on their AP exam scores. AP exams are rigorous and lengthy subject tests that often require a great deal of preparation outside of the classroom. C2 Education has helped many students to succeed on AP exams in a wide range of subject areas.

PSAT & Other Exams


The PSAT is essentially a pre-SAT. These two tests have very similar formats, but the PSAT covers fewer topics than the SAT. Many students take the PSAT in the 10th grade, but did you know that the test also serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for 11th grade students? Students who take the PSAT in the 11th grade are automatically entered to compete for the prestigious National Merit Scholarship, making the PSAT more important than a mere practice test!

Standardized State Tests

Although often overlooked, standardized state tests can be very important to a student’s academic future. Many students find these tests to be stressful and confusing, but C2 Education can help students to overcome test anxiety, master fundamental material, and fully prepare for these high-stakes exams.

Magnet and Private School Entrance Exams

Many magnet and private schools require exams such as the SSAT, ISEE, or HSPT. C2 Education’s expert teachers have helped countless students maximize their exam scores in order to earn admission to selective private and magnet schools, including Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia and Harvard Westlake in California.